Il disperato

An ordinary family is stuck in a house. Not a big house, ordinary. 

A family like so many, maybe not much money, just average. 

They all need space for themselves. 

How do you define that personal space? 

Where does our commonality end? 

Who are this ordinary family? 

And how can you save the other if you cannot even save yourself? 


A modern tragedy without an escape. 


In the past two years, many families have fallen into financial difficulties, familial tensions have escalated.  

The violence, the anger, and the social distance have increased.  

Do we still have hope? 

For Il disperato (The desperate), Wunderbaum explores how a person arrives at an act of desperation.  

The question begs itself: when do we call something a monstrous act?  

French playwright François Mauriac says: 

What is that, a monster? I try to describe figures in which the sublime and the repulsive, the lowest impulses and the highest goals, are inextricably linked. Those are my monsters. 

In 2022, the performance will be staged as a theatrical reading in Italy at the RomaEuropa festival in Rome, Teatro Arti e Spettacolo in L’Aquila, and Zona K in Milan.  


The premiere will follow in 2023.


  • Marleen Scholten


  • Marleen Scholten
  • Alessandro Riceci
  • Ludovica Callerio
  • Elisabetta Bruni

Directors assistent

  • Dafne Niglio


  • Maarten van Otterdijk


  • Wunderbaum
  • Associazione TRAK
  • Theater Rotterdam

Special thanks to

  • RomaEuropa
  • Zona K
  • Arti e Spettacolo
  • Tiziana Colla
  • Paolo Aniello
  • Paolo Giulini (criminoloog)
  • Roberto Bezzi (verantwoordelijke afdeling educatie huis van Bewaring Milaan)

With the support of

  • IntercettAzioni - Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia
  • Residenza Spazio Nobelperlapace / Arti e Spettacolo L'Aquila

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  • November 2022


    Teatro Arti e Spettacolo

  • November 2022


    RomaEuropa Festival

  • November 2022


    RomaEuropa Festival

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