Thüringen Megamix

Ich bin ein Thüringer aus Rotterdam.
Walter Bart, Wunderbaum

Still arriving, Wunderbaum and the theatre house ensemble are busy converting their exploration of the new accommodation into theatre. The W-questions are brought into focus, as the Thüringer Megamix must ultimately provide answers.

Who is Thuringia?
What is Thuringia?
Where is Thuringia situated?

The answers are to be found, how could it be otherwise, in the entertainment industry. The Thuringian Megapark, a theme park, offers its visitors a best-of, a Thuringian canon, so to speak. And so, during the interval, we sit down with the performers of Schiller and Goethe, of King Herminafried of Thuringia and Elke from the GDR, of Kuschelkloß and Faust, and listen to their concerns.

Until the work in the Megamix begins again.

By and with

  • Walter Bart
  • Pina Bergemann
  • Henrike Commichau
  • André Hinderlich
  • Mona Vojacek Koper
  • Leon Pfannenmüller


  • Wunderbaum

Set and lightdesign

  • Maarten van Otterdijk


  • Cornelia Stephan


  • Thorben Meißner


  • Joachim Dette (scenes)

Past dates

  • December 2018


    Theaterhaus Jena
    Jena (DE)

“With this season, the Dutch group Wunderbaum has taken over the artistic direction of the Jena Theatre. As the collective looks to Thuringia to chart its artistic course, the navel-gazing, which “Thuringia Megamix” is supposed to be, is also at once a new perspective, an outside view. […] Despite all the splendour, it is almost mesmerising to see behind the scenes at the end. But leaving in the December cold is also dramaturgically refreshing for the play’s somewhat disoriented development.”
Kornelius Friz (Internetprotal Nachtkritik)

“In the ‘Megamix’ evening, the new theatre company humorously picks apart many local shrines, including bratwurst and the Thuringian Forest. […] The new team radiates a casual lightness that has been missing in Jena for some time. A successful debut!”
Ulrike Merkel (Thüringische Landeszeitung)


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