Rotterdam Late Night #93

In the run-up to Track: PLEIN and in collaboration with Rotterdam Late Night, the urban talk show about art, culture, politics, urban development and social issues, we present a jam-packed program about squares in the city.

Presenter Ernest van der Kwast pays tribute to square mother Radha Jiawan.

Urban sociologist Linda Zuijderwijk and architect/designer Nacor Martina share their vision on the (re)design of livable, inclusive squares.

Landscape architect Adriaan Geuze talks about the design of Schouwburgplein and Stationsplein, among other things.

Ernst des Bouvrie, archivist at Nieuwe Instituut, will give a mini lecture on the history and development of Rotterdam squares.

Finally, hip-hop artist Ruwhel Emers brings an energetic musical story, with a touch of blues.


  • Ernest van der Kwast


  • Rotterdam Late Night
  • Nieuwe Instituut
  • Theater Rotterdam
  • Wunderbaum

Past dates

  • September 2023


    Theater Rotterdam


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