Plein / Praça

In this performance we see how a city guide takes a group of day-trippers through a square during an audio tour. Together with a musician, the guide provides a complete experience in which gray reality, dreamed reality and failed architecture merge into one another.

What is an ideal square and what is not? Where do you park and where do you sit? Is the square only a place of passage for fanatical shoppers or do real encounters also take place? Do people also live there? And can a well-laid-out square encourage us to leave our own bubble?

Wunderbaum takes up the challenge together with various local residents, street musicians and urbanologists. Our fragmented reality is compressed into one big energy explosion in a grand spectacle.


  • Pedro Uchoa
  • Monique Vaillé
  • Walter Bart
  • Maartje Remmers
  • Marleen Scholten

(Live) music

  • Jens Bouttery


  • Jens Bakker


  • Linda Visser

Costume advice

  • Lotte Goos

  • Monique Vaillé
  • Pedro Uchoa
  • Corpo Rastreado

Production in the Netherlands

  • Wunderbaum


  • Theater Rotterdam

Special thanks to

  • Fonds Podiumkunsten
  • Consulado dos Reinos dos Países Baixos

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