Amikejo, the forgotten land of Moresnet

Until World War I, a minuscule country existed between The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Tucked away between the hills was the mini state “Neutral Moresnet”. This small country was threatened to be crushed among the big European powers. A group of residents came up with an ambitious counteroffensive: they formed Neutral  Moresnet into the first State in Esperanto and they called it: Amikejo (city of friendship).

Wunderbaum reconstructs a 1908 propaganda meeting together with the male choir VieVox and the Amikejo salon orchestra. Through the impassioned arguments and compelling Esperanto songs you feel like you’re a resident of Amikejo in the turbulent run-up to the First World War.

Amikejo, the forgotten land of Moresnet is a special event commissioned by Operadagen Rotterdam. Within a week’s time Wunderbaum works with professional and amateur musicians from The Netherlands and abroad to create a unique performance that will only be performed once in the great hall of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

By and with

  • Walter Bart
  • Wine Dierickx
  • Matijs Jansen
  • Maartje Remmers
  • Marleen Scholten


  • Tobias Kokkelmans


  • Loulou Sjerps

(Live) music

  • VieVox
  • Amikejo salonorkest o.l.v. Txemi Etxebarri


  • Salih Kilic (scenes)

Production coordinator

  • Carry Hendriks

Past dates

  • May 2014


    'Operadagen Rotterdam - Schouwburg
    Rotterdam (NL)'


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